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Board Members:

Sergeant Karen Turnbull, Lakewood Police Department
Detective Shawna Gilbert, Lakewood Police Department

Lindsey Bravdica, VA Director, Boulder County DA's Office
Investigator Russ Bohner, First Judicial DA's Office

Detective Jeremy Gibson, Lakewood Police Department

Detective Chris Langley, Lakewood Police Department

Detective Brian Feik, Lakewood Police Department

DDA Alison Foley, Denver District Attorney's Office

Mission Statement of The Colorado Association of Sex Crimes Investigators:


  • To establish a spirit of cooperation among sexual assault investigators and members of related disciplines.

  • To facilitate an exchange of information on the investigation and prosecution of sexual assaults.

  • To further understand the victimology of sexual assaults.

  • To provide a consistent standard of excellence in sexual assault investigations and treatment of offenders.

  • To raise collective voices to encourage the integrity and quality of sexual assault investigations.

  • To support legislation consistent with the interests of the victims and community.

  • To commit to providing low cost, high quality training seminars and conferences related to all phases of sexual assault investigation.

CASCI Board members 2023

Detective Jeremy Gibson, Lakewood Police Department 

Investigator Russ Bohner, First Judicial DA's Office

V.A. Director Lindsey Bravdica, Boulder County DA's Office


A Blast from the Past!


Dan McCasky, Ret.Chief of Police, Lakewood Police Department 

Chief Investigator Michele Wagner, First Judicial DA's Office


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