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Welcome back to CASCI 2023

September 6th, 7th and 8th, 2023 in beautiful Snowmass, Colorado.  Top speakers from around the country arrive in Snowmass Colorado to provide First Class training and networking.                                      

Ritualistic  Physical, Emotional and Sexual Torture of 12 siblings in the Name of God


Detective Chuck Roath

Wednesday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

The case of 12 siblings who were subjected to repeated ritualistic abuse will be discussed. The disclosure of the abuse, nature of the abuse, medical findings and disappointing charging decisions will be covered.

Sex Abuse 101 and Rapid Recognition of Physical Abuse in the Field.

Dr. Amy Barton

The key physical findings of sex abuse (and lack thereof) will be discussed including why there are typically no physical confirmatory findings in sex abuse. The necessary medical care for the victim will be discussed including sexually transmitted infections. Rapid recognition of physical abuse injuries to young children will be discussed.

Amy Barton, MD FAAP, is a Board Certified General Pediatrician and Board Certified Child Abuse Pediatrician with CARES, St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital, Boise, ID.   Dr. Barton has over 20 years of pediatric and child abuse pediatrics experience. 


Detective Roath previously was a Special Victims Unit detective and is currently a detective in the Violent Crimes Unit, Boise Police Department.  Detective Roath has 20 years of law enforcement experience. 

Chuck Roath.jpg

Daniel Printz: Case Study Into a Serial Killer of the Carolinas.

Wednesday 1p.m. – 5p.m.
Special Agent Justin Newsome
Special Agent Erin Carlisle

In August of 2021, 80-year-old Edna Suttles disappeared, seemingly without a trace, from her home in Travers Rest, South Carolina. During the search for Edna, investigators turned their attention to Daniel Printz of Bostic, North Carolina as their primary suspect. Little did anyone know the twists and turns of the investigation would lead law enforcement through the mountains of North and South Carolina to a secret life involving sexual desires, financial crimes, beehives, and death. On their journey investigators ultimately unraveled the mysteries behind three other missing elderly women with direct ties to Printz. Printz, a meticulous narcissist and con artist, went to great links to dispose of bodies in ways which only bring the victims' loved ones more pain and sorrow. Through all these years of planning, deception, and killing it was a simple cup of yogurt which brought him down. SA Newsome and SA Carlisle will discuss the challenges and benefits of working with numerous local jurisdictions across multiple federal judicial districts. Additionally, they will discuss the importance of victim advocates throughout the entire investigation, unique prosecutorial challenges, and the unanticipated role the Defense Counsel played in bringing closure to the victims' families.


Forensic Genetic Genealogy and Joe Ervin.

Thursday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Detective Kari Johnson
DNA Analyst Traci Carlson

Between 1978 and 1981, four women were sexually assaulted and brutally murdered in Denver and Adams County, Colorado. Despite thorough efforts, no suspects were ever identified in the original investigations, nor the numerous cold case reviews of these homicides. In 2013, the first two victim’s cases were connected via a CODIS Match Report indicating the same unknown male DNA profile was present in both cases. A second CODIS Match Report was issued in 2015, connecting the third Denver victim with the same unknown male DNA profile. In 2018, a fourth CODIS Match Report connected the Adams County victim to the three Denver victims with the same, still unknown male DNA profile. Despite these connections, no suspect was positively identified. Starting in 2018, the Denver Crime Lab and the Denver Police Department were provided funding through Crime Stoppers and the Department of Justice – Bureau of Justice Assistance grants to fund the use of forensic genetic genealogy to continue to investigate these cases. Through the diligent and persistent efforts of the Denver Crime Lab, the Denver Police Department, and multiple other agencies, in January of 2022, the suspect in these cases was finally identified as Joe Michael Ervin, an individual with a history of violent sexual crimes, and who was responsible for the line of duty death of Officer Debra Sue Corr, the first line of duty death for the Aurora Police Department, in June of 1981. Rather than face responsibility for the death of Officer Corr, and ultimately his other crimes, Joe Ervin took his own life in jail on July 1, 1981. Despite not being able to prosecute the individual responsible for their loved one’s deaths, the closure of these cases has brought immense relief to family members of these victim’s, who felt after all the years that had passed, they would never have answers.

Detective Kari Johnson Bio
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DNA Analyst Traci Carlson Bio
Traci Carlson.jpg

The Kelsey Case – The Investigation and its Long-Term Impact on Law Enforcement.
Friday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Greg and Missey Smith

The Kelsey Case - The Investigation and its Long-Term Impact on Law Enforcement is a case study of the Kelsey Smith abduction, sexual assault, and murder that took place in Kansas. Kelsey's case has attained national and international attention and has been the subject of several crime documentaries. The case changed the way major cases are investigated, particularly in the use of wireless devices and exigent circumstances. Kelsey's case has attained national and international attention and has been the subject of several crime documentaries.

Topics discussed are: case overview from the perspective of Kelsey's parents - Greg & Missey Smith, offender profile, victim advocate considerations for cases like Kelsey's, Homicide Survivors and their impact, as well as an in-depth review of federal case law, federal law, and state laws concerning

Bio Pic Greg and Missy Smith.jpg

Joseph Vaneck Case
Friday 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Chief Deputy District Attorney Tyra Forbes
Investigator Noelle Kerridge
Investigator Cormac McHugh

In April of 2020 a woman appeared at the doors of the Jefferson County jail reporting she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted. Throughout the Summer and Fall of 2020, three other women made similar reports and provided a similar description of the suspect. Ultimately, the defendant was identified through use of license plate readers, video surveillance, and DNA evidence. Additional victims were identified through the defendant’s electronic devices. The multiple survivors of the defendant’s assaults were all extremely vulnerable: experiencing homelessness, drug and alcohol addicted, some were sex workers, and most distrusted law enforcement. This workshop will shed light on the tactics used to create trust and maintain contact with the multiple survivors, resources utilized to prepare them for trial, impact on the DA team, juror input, and lessons learned. The assaults were extremely violent, increasing trauma responses for the survivors. Graphic content will be discussed; however, graphic or violent photos or videos will not be shown.

Investigator Cormac McHugh Bio
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